Contact Viper Drones for Inspection Service

Our Part 107 Certified pilots have the knowledge and expertise to conduct a thorough aerial and thermal inspection.

Roof and Building Inspections

We can rapidly deploy a UAV to perform a multitude of building inspections. Inspect flat roofs for water damage and other roof problems quickly and easily. Inspect buildings for energy loss, moisture problems and other thermal anomalies.

Successful Scan of 1.4 million square foot roof on a Fiber Factory outside of Atlanta, GA for Roof Partners INC. We were able to mark core sample areas and exponentially cut man hours needed to complete this massive roof. This scan took us 25 minutes.

Gas and Pipeline Inspections

We can rapidly scan large areas and pinpoint leaks in real time. It is ideal for monitoring equipment and pipelines that are difficult to inspect with traditional methods.

Substation and Power Line Inspections

We use high resolution thermal imaging cameras to inspect substations, power lines and electrical distribution systems. Easily find hot spots, damaged components and poor electrical connections.

Miscellaneous Inspections

Viper Drones can inspect solar panel farms, cell towers, wind farms, and many other applications. UAVs have also proved to be an invaluable aid to law enforcement in search and rescue efforts.