The Sky Eye T-Series UAV

The Sky Eye T-Series UAV solution is customized to carry any of the FLIR T-series cameras (T420, T440, T620 & T640). It is designed to take advantage of the camera's special thermal features to carry out inspections on all sorts of structures and environments.




The system is powered by the Sky Eye UAV and is designed to take advantage of the unique FLIR T-Series camera capabilities. In only a matter of minutes you can mount the camera as the machine is prepared with the right connectors for power, video and data connectivity.

Inspect infrastructure in less time, in a safer manner and more cost effectively than other inspection methods. Our UAV allows you to carry out inspections on the most challenging assets. 

The Sky Eye T-Series UAV is equipped with an powerful onboard computer. To control the cameras functions we have combined software and hardware in a way that is unique to Viper Drones and Sky Eye Innovations. This technology allows you to control the cameras functions without relying on infrastructure like 3/4G or Wi-Fi connectivity. Instead you control the camera functions via the UAV operators radio control. 

Technical Specifications                                       

  • Onboard computer                                              
  • Camera control software     
  • Spark proof connectors
  • Heat sensors–detect heat before it is to late
  • Overpressure electronic chamber to keep dust away
  • Long Wave Infrared Cameras
  • Temperature Range from -20C to 1200C on the T420/T440
  • Temperature Range from -20C to 2000C on the T620/T640
  • Cooling system with filters
  • Weather protected electronics :closed housing
  • Position lights: Red, Green and White
  • Lightweight and highly durable
  • G10 Composite plastic
  • Gen2 Carbonfiber
  • Material heat resistant: up to 100°C
  • Serves the camera with power from the UAV
  • Separate battery connectivity to cool down the camera before flight
  • Onboard HD reference camera for Visual view
  • Double video transmitters to switch between video sources
  • Onboard SD-Card recorder for video stream recordingSD-Card recording of video stream on the operators video monitor



Sky eye T-Series Specs

Length w/ Propellers – 95 cm
Diameter – 102 cm
Weight w/ Basic Electronics – 9 Lbs
Operating Temperature –  -30C to 50C
Operating Speed – up to 15 m/s
Rate of Climb – 6 m/s

Key Features

and hydrodynamic vibration damping system

MOUNT 0.5-1.5kg CAMERAS with same superb results

equals no propellers in pictures

for easy transportation

design and extremely wind resistant

BRUSHLESS CAMERA GIMBAL stable in winds at 10m/s and above

availability for waypoint and route mission planning