The Use of Drones in the Oil and Gas Industry Proves to be very valuable

Useful in Upstream Systems, Midstream Infrastructure and Downstream facilities, a drone or UAV equipped with thermal imaging or optical gas imaging can quickly and safely locate problem spots or inefficiencies. High resolution images and video of plants, platforms and pipelines can be collected quickly. This is especially beneficial for infrastructure inspection in hard-to-reach locations.

Key Benefits:

  • Greatly enhanced leak detection ability.
  • Safer and faster inspections by minimizing the use of cranes, scaffolding and helicopters.
  • Inspecting flare stacks while operating with the use of drones equipped with thermal or gas imaging can help spot issues earlier.
  • Minimize downtime by avoiding the need for shutting down equipment for routine facility inspections.
Viper Drones offers the ONLY commercial UAV system specifically designed for high-performance FLIR thermal and optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras. Get aerial inspection in dangerous or hard-to-access areas. Thermal imaging cameras can visualize and pinpoint gas leaks without the need to shut down the operation.



DIY G300a System for UAVs

Equip your UAV with the FLIR G300a gas camera and Sky Eye software and hardware functions!

Leak Detection Kit includes: Camera, Software and Hardware

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